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Electrical power engineering

“Power Engineering” department has been founded by honoured personality of science Prof. Z.B.Elyashevich. During those period department has been functioning as “Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering”. Later this department has been divided on “Power stations”, «Electrical Networks and systems» and «Electrical Engineering and Supply» departments. These departments played significant role in the matter of high qualified specialists training for Power Engineering System of Azerbaijan.

       The Department has been guided by Z.B. Elyashevich,  A.A.Spirin,  S.N.Usaty, B.P.Albitsky, P.B.Rustamzadeh, M.M. Skvortsov, Z.I.Kazimzadeh, K.N.Guluzadeh, I.E.Ibrahimov, P.G.Alizadeh, E.M.Farkhadzadeh, N.A.Abdullayev, T.S.Atakishiyev, A.M.Kerimov, A.M.Huseynov,R.K.Guluzadeh, N.S.Akhundov,R.Z.Kazimzadeh and A.G.Aliyev.

«Power Engineering» department has been established as a result of connection of “Power Stations” , “Electrical Networks and Systems” and “Electrical Engineering and Supply” departments on the base of  № 04-151 (03.02.2016) Order by ASOIU.

The Head of “Power Engineering” Department is Ph.D Ass.Prof. Aydin Gardashkhan oglu Aliyev (Order № 04—282 (08.04.2016))

Department Stuff: 0 – Dr.Sc., Prof.,  13 – Ph.D., Ass.Prof., 1- Head Teachers, 4 – Assistants, 2 – 0.5 Stuff Assistant, 1 – The Head of Labour, 4 – Senior Labourers, 2 – Labourers, 2 – Technician Stuff.

 «Power Engineering» Department provides the training by the next specialities: 

050608- “Power Engineering” (including TEMPUS Program) (Bachelors);

060608- “Power Engineering” (including TEMPUS Program) (Маsters)